A single connection provides your gateway to the largest network of buyers and sellers. Hotel-X not only connects and aggregates content from multiple Sellers, but it also puts you back in the driver’s seat by turning you into the decision maker for every aspect of the results.

A Fast and Flexible Hotel Aggregation API. One API to connect them all!

A single connection provides your gateway to the largest network of buyers and sellers, trusted by industry leaders and niche providers around the world.

Hotel-x searches in multiple Sellers with a single API request. It does all the heavy lifting transparently so you can focus on your business.

The Hotel-X API aggregates result from many Sellers. Whether you prefer to aggregate at hotel level or at hotel and room type level, or even hotel, room type and rate plan level or don’t aggregate at all we got you covered. It’s your business, it’s your call.

And it doesn’t stop there: Hotel-X can be easily extended by using a first-in-the-industry Plugin architecture. Any business need you might think of can be easily implemented. Leverage the power and flexibility of Hotel-X Plugins to get an edge over your competitors. Simple. Flexible. Beautiful.

Hotel-X is the industry’s first non-opinionated API that is fastly becoming the new standard in travel connectivity.


  • Reduce costs while increasing sales
  • Expand inventory
  • Apply business rules pre-post transactions


  • Fastest API in the market
  • Plugins available in TGX Marketplace
  • Own plugins can be developed in order to add any logic or extra functionality.

Some of the Plugins already available:

  • Purchasing and selling rules: Add markup, change rate types, cancellation policies, blacklist hotels from specific Sellers, favour some hotels from a Seller over another, use override to calculate net price. Any business rule can be easily added using an easy-to-use web page.
  • Mappings: Map content from different Sellers in order to compare and purchase the best available offer. - - Currently available mappings: hotel, room-type, rate type and meal plan.
  • Currency eXchange: Use this plugin to change any prices from any Seller to your or your client’s preferred currency. Any exchange rate data-source can be easily configured.
  • Blacklist: This plugin’s goal is to block requests to specific hotels from chosen Suppliers based on some predefined criteria like dates, number of nights, source markets, etc. It allows to save you and your Partners requests that are not going to convert helping you to reduce your LookToBook ratio.

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